About The County Collective

taking you closer than ever to the county game

Since 1890, the County Championship has been an enduring staple of the British sporting calendar. Now, 130 years on, the ebb and flow of the county season remains one of the most enduring and fascinating elements of British sport and the Great British summer. The characters who play the game, the supporters and members who put their hands in the pocket to watch the sport in the chill of April and the scorching sun of August, are all part of the sport’s endlessly fascinating tapestry. And we share their passion.

Alongside the women’s county game and the recently re-branded National Counties, our domestic game is widely-admired in world cricket. Here at the County Collective, we will reflect that and ensure that the exclusive service our members receive is first class in every sense.

The CC is starting life as a free service but will soon be moving to a subscription-based model in order for us to fund this service to the county game and those who love and cherish it.

A proportion of our profits will initially be going towards funding Covid-19 projects. Once this crisis is over, we will be supporting the Professional Cricketers Trust, run by the PCA.

As a member of The CC, you’ll be guaranteed to receive the best coverage of the domestic game. In addition, we’re committed to providing unrivalled coverage of the women’s county game and National Counties cricket, covering the issues that matter on and off the pitch.

Not forgetting our Secret Cricketer, of course, who’ll take you into the dressing room to give you a fly-on-the-wall view of the sport.